Rooms & Suites

95 rooms equal parts chic, comfortable, and calming. Wood, leather, soft fabrics, and a colour palette reproducing the awe-inspiring outdoors.

Grand suite

Two terraces, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and a lengthy bed. It is your dream home in Andorra with an area of 100m2 and 24 outdoors. Maximum occupancy: 2 adults

Park suite

All the luxury you require in a unique 50m² space with a terrace, where the landscape and the light enter the room through its enormous floor-to-ceiling picture window. Maximum occupancy: 2 adults.


The perfect room for a family of three. It is spacious, has gorgeous views, and is fully equipped, an elegant and friendly 50+12 m2 space.

Maximum occupancy: 2 adults + 1 child

Garden suite

A classic revisited with huge picture windows and terraces facing the 15000m² garden Inside a cosy 50m² space featuring wood, natural fibres, and pristine fittings.

Maximum occupancy: 2 adults

Traditional suite

The contemporary version of a classic Alpine refuge is a 45m² mansard for those who love the mountain.

Maximum occupancy: 2 adults

Premier suite

The cosiest and most comfortable accommodations featuring wood, leather, and marble inside and a 24m² terrace outside. A five-star natural haven.

Maximum occupancy: 2 adults

Duplex room

Two levels with a terrace (70 m² + 19m²), dressing room, living, and dining room. Share a cabin in the Pyrenees with a grand hotel’s services.

Maximum occupancy: 4 adults

Family room

Enjoy a common space plus two separate bedrooms. Read and relax in 60m² and enjoy the valley from the expansive terrace.

Maximum occupancy: 4 adults